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The Andalusian Association of Marinas and Yachting Harbours (Marinas de Andalucía) is a professional association which brings together 16 Andalusian marinas.
Founded with the tenets of utmost quality in facilities and services, and excellent customer care, the Andalusian Association of Marinas and Yachting Harbours was created in 1982 to represent the interests of all the member marinas, who are found along the 800 kilometre coastline of Andalusia (Spain).
Marinas de Andalucía represents 90% of private marinas in Andalusia and more than 60% of the region’s moorings.
We are a professional association created with the aim of representing, managing and defending the general interests of Andalusia’s marinas. Due to the characteristics of our members, we are of a private nature and we maintain our independence from public and private entities.
The Association is also a full member of Euromarina (European Federation of Marinas and Yachting Harbours), the Spanish Federation of Marina and Yachting Harbour Associations (FEADPT) and the Andalusian Business Confederation (CEA). 
Currently, Marinas de Andalucía consists of 16 marinas under private management, namely Marina Isla Canela, Marina El Rompido, Puerto Sherry, Alcaidesa Marina, Puerto de Sotogrande, Puerto de La DuquesaReal Club Náutico de EsteponaPuerto Deportivo de EsteponaPuerto BanúsPuerto Deportivo de Marbella, Puerto Deportivo de Fuengirola, Puerto Deportivo de BenalmádenaReal Club El CandadoMarina del Este, Puerto Deportivo Almerimar and Puerto Deportivo de Aguadulce.

Vision, mission and values

Making marinas social partners in Andalusia is the main aim of Marinas de Andalucía. Marinas should have a prominent position in the tourist sector and be recognised and valued as components for the development and growth of the towns and environments where they are found, given that they offer quality tourism and generate jobs and wealth.
The mission of Marinas de Andalucía is to represent, manage and defend the general interests of Andalusia’s marinas, so as to contribute to the development and improvement of these facilities in all the activities included in the sector and in their different dimensions, whether sailing, tourist, technical, economic, employment, tax or organisational.
Professionalism and quality of service are the principal values of the marinas who are members of Marinas de Andalucía.

Our services


Management and collective representation of members before public authorities and any other public or private body, and acting as a platform for the dissemination of the values and characteristics of all member marinas in international boat shows and events promoting tourism.


Co-ordination of all its members, combining joint initiatives, proposals and action to boost the regional, national and international presence of member marinas, and to improve the regulations relating to the marina and sailing facility sector.

sector platform

Preparation of studies regarding the recreational sailing and marina sector, and working with other entities in the preparation of reports and studies which set out the current state of the sector, economic activity and tourist activity, and the ways forward so as to continue contributing to Andalusia’s growth.

Environmentally responsible

Quality and Excellence in Management

The various marinas which comprise Marinas de Andalucía are committed to quality and excellence in the services they provide, together with respect for their local environments. As a result, many have received the ISO 9001 and 14000 certificates. 
Marinas have a new standard, UNE 188004, drawn up by the Institute for Spanish Tourism Quality (ICTE) and the Spanish Confederation of Sailing Club Associations (CEACN). It regulates the activities of the sailing sector and allows sailing/marina facilities to obtain the ‘Q’ Tourist Quality Certificate. 
UNE 188004 brings together the requirements which voluntarily regulate the constructions and infrastructures where recreational craft are moored, which must offer all the necessary services, including safekeeping and supplementary services for crews. The standard requirements include matters of mooring and docking, slipway, repair of recreational craft, vehicle parking, fuel supply, catering, changing rooms and showers. In addition, there is regard to other issues such as laundry, telephone, post, messaging, information about meteorology and hydrography and sailing and leisure activities.


The Odyssea seal, a European initiative, is a quality mark for Mediterranean marinas which meet a series of technological, environmental, structural and cultural requirements. The initiative, designed to respect the environment and to integrate each port into its surroundings, follows the guidelines of the Green Paper and the EU Tourism and Sustainable Development Management Unit, and it has been approved by the Directorate General of Tourism Organisation and Planning of the Regional Government of Andalusia.

Governing bodies and management


José Carlos Martín Sánchez


José Figueroa Cuenca

Secretariat General

Miguel Ángel Díez

Committee Members

Miguel García Vilaseca

Miguel García Páez

José Luis Tejada

Manuel Germain

Antonio Valbuena







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